DAO, Community and Holders

Benefits and Details

What are the benefits for me as a holder?

When developing the White Paper, it was critical for us to find ways to increase the ecosystem value and holder value at the same time. We want to reward our loyal community. Just as holders have supported the Ethlizards, the Ethlizards supports our holders. We have aligned the incentives so that as the DAO experiences success, that holders also benefit each step of the way.

Holder Benefits

  • Airdrop of valuable NFTs - Elemental Lizards and other NFTs.

  • Airdrop of LizCoin.

  • Higher yield share when staking Ethlizards Genesis V1 and V2 plus staking $LIZ in same wallet.

  • New mini-games, events and reward systems.

  • Eligibility to participate in LizCoin pre-seed and seed rounds.

What are the benefits to the DAO?

This will give the DAO much needed support and structure that it needs to grow beyond its current limitations and drive Ethlizards towards the center of Web3 gaming industry.

Lizard DAO Benefits

  • Further aligns and synergizes the 3 main pillars of the DAO, with a corresponding sub-DAO with the Portfolio, Partnership and Community Sub-DAOs.

    • Symbiotic relationships with the three sub-DAOs provides additional value to ecosystem and current holders.

  • Extended team and resources to build solutions.

    • New products for revenue, engagement (game & metagames), and community development.

    • Quicker delivery time of solutions.

    • Scaled up size and skillset of team.

  • Brand positioning as the central hub for Web3 Gaming.

  • Regulatorily compliant launch of tokens.

Portfolio Sub-DAO Benefits

  • Increased revenue available to Portfolio Sub-DAO treasury from 2024 as Lizard DAO takes on operational costs.

  • Expansion of Project H involved partners.

  • Massive increase in quality and volume of deal flow for investments.

What is the Safety Pool?

The Safety Pool is a fund provided by the existing DAO, which is set aside as a backup to ensure the DAO has sufficient runway in the case of unexpected costs, seed round delay or similar events.

How does the Portfolio Sub-DAO get its operation costs removed?

From 2024 or successful closure of 100% of seed round, Lizard DAO will take on the three shared sub-DAOs' operational costs using revenue from LizCoin capital raises and other sources. That means all royalties which are currently used for operation costs will flow into the Portfolio Sub-DAO treasury.

  • Lizard DAO (starting 2024) will cover shared sub-DAO costs associated with the three sub-DAOs’ Lizard contributor support, technical development, marketing, Discord, partnership coordination, communications, security, general legal and regulatory compliance, DAO administration, etc.

  • Lizard Labs provides the team to execute the work.

  • The Portfolio Sub-DAO can optionally use funds from its treasury for upgrades and expansion (costs beyond the three shared sub-DAOs' scope) including Portfolio Council administration support, analyst, tools, infrastructure improvements, Ethlizards staking security audits, deployment and other items relating specifically to this sub-DAO.

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