Governance mechanisms and structures

How will the voting process on LIP-16 whitepaper work? Can we roll out elements modularly?

No, not for LIP-16. Modular rollout is great in theory but we’d rather have modular engagement with our community on the elements that matter to them. It would be unworkable to put forward dozens of LIPs to cover each item and some may conflict. For example, if you were to pass an LIP on the product delivery but the LIP to raise funds doesn’t pass, or the DAO structure and vision wasn’t agreed on, then can end up fundamentally stuck or misaligned. For a change this large, it realistically has to be a cohesive proposal.

Instead, this is why we had a much longer feedback and analysis period. We have incorporated the community, council and advisor feedback from the governance discussion period into the white paper. Additional LIPs will be put forward for launch of future products, governance updates and rollouts and other changes.

Which parts of the white paper are included in LIP-16?

The White Paper LIP will include the following from the White Paper V1.0:

  • Introduction, vision, mission and overall direction.

  • Project Overview with 3 core pillars - Portfolio, Partnership and Community.

  • Structure including Lizard DAO and Portfolio, Partnership and Community Sub-DAOs.

  • Products and Services including Battle in the Beyond, Elemental Lizards, Champion Lizards, Lizard’s Legacy Lizard Shop, Web3 Gaming Alliance and Project Herpetarium.

    • Please note that some products and structure details will be reserved for a later governance proposal including Reptile Rush TD, the Lizard Lounge App and some aspects of governance rollouts.

What is the purpose of the sub-DAO structures?

The proposed structures align and synergize the 3 main pillars of the DAO, investments, community and partnerships with a corresponding sub-DAO with the Portfolio, Community and Partnership Sub-DAOs.

Formerly referred to as the investment DAO, our Portfolio Sub-DAO framework and functionality will stay mostly as-is. This sub-DAO continues to focus on early stage opportunities to support Web3 games and projects.

Community is all about bringing the core players in the space together - gamers, investors, builders, into a space where we can build and grow collaboratively. Our goal is to dramatically increase the size of our community while providing engaging experiences and maintaining our culture.

Partnerships are a particular strength of ours already as we have many of the largest and best quality Web3 gaming projects already wanting to get involved with the Ethlizards. We aim to be value-infusing here. Where there is a quality Web3 gaming project, there will be Ethlizards as a partner.

How will three sub-DAOs’ governance voting work?

The key takeaway is that the various Ethlizards NFTs and LizCoin represent your stake in the DAO and serve as your voice in governance and major decisions and elections across the various sub-DAOs.

The Portfolio Sub-DAO will use Ethlizards Genesis V1, V2 and V3 NFTs as governance tokens to elect the Portfolio Council members. These members handle financial decisions for this sub-DAO. (Same as current council elections).

The Community Sub-DAO will use Elemental Lizards and other gaming NFTs as governance tokens for direct governance voting. Holders can vote on a variety of community and gaming proposals to determine products and service changes.

Partnership Sub-DAO will use LizCoin to elect three self-nominated sub-DAO members. These elected members serve alongside three partnership alliance members and one team member as the Partnership Sub-DAO Council who handles the financial aspects of partnerships, the general strategy for the Web3 Gaming Alliance, and essential product/service offerings for this sub-DAO.

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