Next Steps

Important upcoming items

What are the next steps?

Bring the lizards

if you have someone that needs to be here, get them here. We aim to create an even more vibrant community.

Get out front and rep the lizards hard

Our presence has spiked in the past few months. We’ve seen good work being done across the board with Youtube, Twitter, Spaces, memes, etc. Keep it up - you’re making us famous.

Refer partnerships to us via Contributors or Team

Projects on both the gaming or infra/ecosystem side.

If you are considering participation in Aelin pool

DYOR! Read all the documentation (white paper, Aelin pool release, this document in it’s entirety, listen to the AMAs). If the the LIP is approved, we would plan to subsequently launch the Aelin pool to close the Pre-Seed round. More information will be released closer to launch.

If you want to discuss the White Paper, LIP or FAQ

Please direct these conversations to the Discord #white-paper forum.

Prepare to vote

1 month has passed since presenting the white paper for governance discussion. We have analyzed holder and advisor feedback and have made some adjustments in the White Paper V1.0. The LIP-16 outcome will specifically determine the next steps. Did the proposal pass?

  • Yes - Aelin pool announcement and dates will be released and we’ll move forward.

  • No - Go back to governance discussions to get more feedback on what holders want changed.

Go here to view Ethlizards governance votes and results.

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