Scaling up the DAO

Execution, expansion and direction

How will the team execute on this large vision?

We'll be hiring top talent required to execute on Battle in the Beyond and other items shown in the WP. We have recently made many improvements in the dev department and we are pleased that the redeployment and staking were delivered successfully.

What are the plans for expanding the team?

Shopping for talent in a bear market is great! Amazing people are available. It will be exciting to have funds, tokens and NFTs to bring in highly skilled contributors.

  • Animositas stepping on board as CEO is huge. His work with the team has already been significant and we've been continuing to improve internal processes.

  • Search for a CTO and lead devs is ongoing.

  • We will be hiring other top-class talent to improve other areas like project management, marketing, partnerships, graphics, UI/UX, lore, etc.

  • We have a planned team structure to go from where we're at today roughly 4 FTEs to 8 FTEs short term and about 12-15 FTEs after the seed round closes. (FTE = Full Time Equivalent; so 4 people working 25% = 1 FTE).

Are the Ethlizards becoming a gaming studio?

No. Technically, our focus would mostly be on gamified systems, art and Web3 integration with a partner’s game or project infrastructure. Our approach is to build gamified solutions and experiences in conjunction with partners and studios. Let’s say that there’s a mini-game, companion app or meta-game that we can build that works symbiotically with our partners. Ethlizards will build those. We don’t intend to become a AAA gaming studio. But we will inject our IP and community into our partners games and their IP and community into ours. User acquisition and cross-community support is an incredibly critical part of gaming. We can utilize that in a major way.

Will the roadmap change?

After the LIP, the roadmap will continue to evolve as we onboard lead devs and other roles. We will do a full technical and development review that may move or change some items and dates on the roadmap. We will provide the community with an updated roadmap of short and mid-term topics after this review has been completed. We have easily 5 years of potential growth already sketched out. However, we aim to stay agile, especially early so keep in mind that the roadmap is fluid.

How long do we estimate to stay negative in spending before we have a stable runway?

With this proposal we move that window up dramatically to months instead of years. Our goal is by the end of this year to have incoming revenue sustaining a portion of the development spend activities. This would allow the seed raise to align with some of the larger products and service developments we have planned.

How will we engage with Partnerships and Web3 Gaming Alliance?

The Alliance is the one-stop shop for anyone in the ecosystem to find whatever they need. We aim tom provide end to end solutions for gamers and builders alike. Game dev studios can find VCs for funding, tech support, marketing, tokenomics, analytics, and more. Most are much more heavy on either the Web2 or Web3 side and we can help them close up their gaps. Similarly, gamers need resources for education, community, security, and quality project identification.

  • Huge value-add for projects from a user acquisition standpoint and a research/service delivery standpoint.

  • In terms of potential, Ethlizards most profitable venture may be as a B2B partner.

  • There is lots happening behind the scenes with partnerships. We are already in talks with many of the major players in the Web3 gaming industry and positioning ourselves for success when these games and projects go mainstream.

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