White Paper

Taking Ethlizards to the next level

Why do we need a change?

The Ethlizards have come a long way over the last year. With many transitions and changes, the DAO is becoming ever more resilient and well-established in the Web3 gaming space. The DAO in its current inception is a functional and robust organization that could continue to operate in the space and garner some success. However, the current DAO is limited compared to the Ethlizards full potential. Waiting for organic growth through secondary sales royalties means that we will not have the capital needed to deploy quickly enough to capitalize on the market opportunity. It is currently lacking the structure, budget and additional talent needed to truly become a top class organization.

It is well known that we need to develop more products and revenue sources, but most importantly we want to find ways to accomplish that without diluting existing holders and at the same time bringing additional value to both holders and the DAO. It took a while to figure that part out, but we feel like we have accomplished that with the proposed Ethlizards White Paper (WP).

Why a white paper?

The White Paper was written to provide structures and guidelines to drive the Ethlizards to the top of the Web3 gaming industry and leverage our unique value proposition. We are strategically positioned at the heart of innovative projects within the Web3 gaming landscape. We have the best components of VCs, Web3 gaming guilds, and Web3 infrastructure projects with just the right amount of degeneracy, culture, and memes mixed in.

If we were a standard organization, we would wait until we had better branding and visualizations before presenting to everyone. However, as we're aiming to clue you in at the start and move this through DAO governance you get to support the earliest work-in-progress versions. Keep in mind that you are reading the White Paper V1 (with some improvements and several adjustments from the White Paper V0.1 based on community, council, advisors, contributors and team members feedback through town halls and discussion threads.

We will continue to make updates to the WP including:

  • Updating graphics and more effort to further visualize the information and products.

  • Expanding documentation to include additional details on infrastructure and governance.

  • More info on specific products will be released over time.

Who contributed to the white paper?

The primary team members and council members provided initial feedback and drafting including Ani, Lu, Kmao, Kieran, Marmalade, Haitzu, Lizident. A structure as complex as the Whitepaper is not created in isolation. Multiple community members have been also heavily involved in the drafting of this to include: Th Or, InDAOWeTrust, Edu, Lemz, Seagolem, and Missionpoole among many other advisors and community members that participated with critical insight, questions and feedback. Thanks to every one of you that contributed in some way.

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