Why Ethlizards?

The Ethlizards Unique Value Proposition

Ethlizards brings together an exceptional mix of avid gamers, visionary builders, and savvy investors, establishing itself as a highly esteemed partner in the GameFi ecosystem. Our unique position spans various verticals, encompassing Web3 game studios, infrastructure partners, venture capitalists, and gaming organizations. We seamlessly blend the best aspects of VCs and Web3 gaming guilds/DAOs.

While VCs possess substantial financial capabilities, they often remain inactive until seeking to liquidate their positions. Conversely, many Web3 guilds boast large, engaged communities primarily focused on value extraction. Ethlizards transcends these limitations, fostering a community that features successful investors, project founders, and a multitude of individuals actively committed to creating and contributing value.

Our distinguished partners and advisors, including founders of major Web3 projects, remain actively involved at all protocol levels. At Ethlizards, we firmly believe that an excessive focus on value extraction in the Web3 sphere is counterproductive. Through our early-stage GameFi portfolio activities, we ensure the long-term success of the DAO, while our short-term strategies prioritize gamification, product development, and extensive partnership growth. This holistic approach positions us to thrive amidst the industry's rapid expansion in the coming years.

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