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Ethlizards is dedicated to creating and launching entertaining, engaging mini-games, companion games, applications, and meta-games, focusing on collaboration and shared experiences. While we are not aiming to become a AAA gaming studio, we will develop gamified products and experiences in partnership with others, emphasizing the integration of "Our IP and community in their world, and their IP and community in our world."

Our branding will embody our culture—witty memes, captivating artwork, and a lighthearted atmosphere that truly reflects the essence of the Ethlizards community.

Battle in the Beyond

Battle in the Beyond is a platform for hosting 1-on-1 tournaments, draft-structured competitions, and a global leaderboard challenge for unboxing Illuvitars. In an exclusive partnership with Illuvium, Ethlizards has secured the rights to develop and host both head-to-head and tournament-style formats for each wave of Illuvitars. Various options will be available for individual matchups, with ETH, $LIZ, and, most importantly, bragging rights at stake.

A seasonal global leaderboard will be implemented, featuring a modest buy-in fee and substantial prize pools as rewards. Each season's top performers will be invited to participate in an annual tournament-style competition, with the grand prize being a coveted V3 Champion Ethlizard NFT.

Future NFTs

Elemental Lizards

As a collaborative project, we aim to expand our community of gamers. To achieve this, we introduce the Elemental Lizards:

  • Elemental Lizards are the warriors of the Ethlizards family, providing access to the Ethlizards gaming ecosystem.

  • Existing community members will receive 2 Elemental Lizards per Genesis or V2 Ethlizard held in their wallet as of future snapshot date(s) to be announced.

  • Furthermore, additional Elemental Lizards will be allocated by the treasury for distribution to gaming partners, rewards to contributors, and via public sale and competitions.

  • Elemental Lizards do not participate in revenue sharing with either the Portfolio Sub-DAO or LizCoin. However, they exclusively unlock comprehensive gameplay and access across various products and allow holders to earn prizes in holder-only competitions.

  • The utility of individual Elemental Lizards will differ, making it advantageous for holders to own multiple Elemental Lizards.

  • Additional lore and details regarding Elemental Lizards will be revealed later.

Champion Lizards

To foster a connection between the Community and Portfolio Sub-DAOs, V3 Champion Lizards will be awarded to a limited number of individuals each year, granting full-fledged membership.

  • Champion Lizards are rewarded to annual Battle in the Beyond winners, world-first achievers of Lizard's Legacy Global milestones, and Reptile Rush Season-ending Tournament champions.

  • A limited number of Champion Lizards will be issued per season, with a maximum of 10 in Season 1 and a maximum of 15 in future seasons. No more than 30 are to be issued in any calendar year across all games and meta-games within the Ethlizards ecosystem.

  • Champion Lizards carry the same voting and portfolio privileges as the Genesis collection, granting full rights to the holder.

  • Exclusive, rare artwork will be created for Champion Lizards each season, featuring unique metadata such as backgrounds and borders to showcase specific achievements.

  • Additional lore and details regarding Champion Lizards will be revealed later.

Lizards' Legacy

An Interoperable Meta-game. Details shrouded in secrecy.

Lizard Shop: Marketplace

The Lizard Shop is a comprehensive hub accessible via the Ethlizards website and, eventually, mobile clients. It offers a range of content and features, including:

  • Sales and activation of resources for Lizard's Legacy, Reptile Rush, and Lizard Legends

  • A unified global scoreboard for all Lizard games

  • Physical merchandise sales for fans and enthusiasts

  • Partner token swaps facilitated through a partnered decentralized exchange (DEX)

Web3 Gaming Alliance

We aim to identify a full range of products and solutions among select partners to address many major requirements in the Web3 gaming industry. This includes comprehensive services for Web3 gaming projects and clients, such as venture capital firms, wallets, blockchains, marketing, content curation, esports, professional gaming, infrastructure development, guilds, consulting, and more. Ethlizards will establish partnerships to cover each of these segments directly.

Once a robust ecosystem has been developed, we will form a voluntary alliance of interested parties providing support functions. Inclusion in the Alliance is at the discretion of all Ethlizards' partners.

Council seats on the Partnership Sub-DAO will be available to alliance members who stake $LIZ. Preferred terms of service and rates will be offered within the Alliance. Our goal is to attract new gamers and development teams entering the industry, providing them with a one-stop-shop for all their needs within the Alliance.

Project Herpetarium

Project Herpetarium (Project H) is a collaborative network of DAOs and Web3 communities, carefully chosen by Ethlizards for their commitment to quality and focus on GameFi. The initiative aims to decentralize early-stage funding opportunities for promising Web3 games in the industry. By offering a cross-community Aelin pool, funding becomes accessible to NFT holders from our selected partner communities and those with gathered wallet access. As Ethlizards' brand expands, the demand for seed rounds within our community increases. Instead of remaining exclusive, Project H enables us to share these opportunities with other Web3 gaming and DeFi communities, fostering mutual growth and interest. Project H is a precursor to the future Web3 Gaming Alliance, showcasing its potential value.

The following products are scoped out but not included in the initial White Paper LIP-16 governance proposal. Products below are subject to change.

Lizard Lounge App: Game Launcher/Discovery Platform

The Lizard Lounge App, available on desktop and mobile, functions as a Web3 Steam alternative, connecting the core engagement loop between the three Sub-DAOs: discover, discuss, play and get rewarded with Ethlizards. The app features:

  • A platform to connect gamers and investors with games

  • Exclusive access to NFT drops and tokens

  • High-quality content, including blog articles, videos, and AMAs (Web3 Library)

  • Launcher for playing favorite games

  • Gaming and ecosystem participation rewards

  • Forums and direct messages for connecting with community members (guild and game-specific functionality)

Initial features will be developed in an MVP format, followed by iterative releases building to the full-launcher platform delivery.

Reptile Rush: Tower Defense

Reptile Rush is a cross-IP mobile tower defense game developed with a partner studio and Lizard Labs. Centered around Ethlizards' IP, it will incorporate partner IPs and NFTs. Reptile Rush will include multiple NFT collections, such as Elemental Lizards and select NFTs from gaming partners. For partner collections, owning NFTs in a linked wallet enables corresponding in-game towers or spells. Elemental Lizards serve as Heroes in the game.

Different seasons of Reptile Rush offer new towers and spells obtainable through various means, including:

  • Starter set

  • Tournament rewards

  • Leaderboard ranking rewards

  • Purchase through the Lizard Store

  • Partner NFT holding enabling tower usage

  • Previous season cards are purchasable with $LIZ

A monthly pass provides additional gameplay options, including tournaments and reward eligibility.

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