Please note that development is an ongoing process, and all dates are subject to change. We will promptly communicate any significant delays to the community. The timeline assumes no major roadblocks to development.


  • Pre-Seed Sale - May 2023

  • Seed Sale - Q4 2023

  • LizCoin ($LIZ) Launch - Q2 2024

  • Yield Farming Starts - Q2 to Q3 2024


Ethlizards' marketing strategy is a three-pronged approach. The two primary audiences are 1) Builder/Investors and 2) Gamers. The third focuses on attracting high-quality Partnerships in an organization-to-organization context.


We have attracted many builders, investors, and traders to our community. We will foster this growth by emphasizing quality project partnerships, relevant project and community content, and extending targeted builder support. Cross-IP utilization of partner assets in games and gamified products will enable cross-promotion and attract new members to Ethlizards.

Investors benefit from exclusive insights and analysis on upcoming projects. Aelin pool structures provide targeted retail investments in curated, early-stage projects. By showcasing a track record of identifying successful projects early, we build trust among quality-focused investors and builders in the value of our offerings.

A critical aspect of our marketing is the branding of our value-infusing, collaborative ethos combined with our playful and welcoming atmosphere. Ethlizards is the Web3 gaming mullet - serious development in the front and a lizard party in the back.


As high-quality games emerge in the coming years, gamers will increasingly adopt Web3. Ethlizards aims to engage them by offering a third-party perspective on the quality of developed games, valuable educational resources, and an established community. We will collaborate with influential figures with substantial followings, high-profile games, and key opinion leaders in the Web3, gaming, or tech industries. Our gamification strategy will 1) leverage existing assets and IP that resonate with gamers, 2) provide engaging and entertaining experiences, and 3) focus on the community through player-vs-player and cooperative modes.

Contributors across YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram already established multiple content creation channels within the community. This organic foundation allows us to expand our market engagement further. We aim to deliver the same caliber of analysis, gameplay, and content found in content creators, guilds, and eSports organizations in the mainstream gaming community.

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