Effective: October 10, 2023

Last Updated: February 23rd, 2024



Battle In The Beyond Season 0 finished as of 00:00 on 1st Feb 2024! At that point, leaderboards were locked and prize winners were confirmed!

Your prizes are not just cool NFTs. They also have a special purpose! The Lore NFTs are objects that together form the Nebula Portal that is being constructed to rescue the First Brigade!

This activation is running in stages. In stage one, players were able to activate their Lore NFTs in the Nebula Portal. This stage completed on February 26th.

Stage 2 is now active - the Portal is charging! Over time, the Portal will build up its power reserves and then, once ready, we will turn it on! Come back periodically to the below link to see how things are progressing:-


If you are not familiar with Ethlizards lore, please read the LizDex, our lore book, that is shown as an icon at the top right of the BITB page. Chapters are released on a regular basis.



Please use the same wallet as you registered on BITB to activate your NFTs in the Nebula Portal. You may need to explicitly connect it via e.g. MetaMask:-

You will be asked for a signature to prove your ownership of your Lore NFTs. Note that this does NOT issue a transaction or attempt to do anything with your NFTs, which will remain in your wallet.



Prizes have been distributed via airdrop on 3 chains:-

  • IMX StarkNet for D1SKs (same chain as BITB / Illuvium Beyond)

  • IMX zkEVM for Lore NFTs (brand new L2 EVM-compatible chain from IMX)

  • ETH mainnet for $cLIZ (placeholder token, swappable for Lizcoin at TGE with no vesting period)

The Elemental Lizard NFTs will be claimable later in 2024, after the collection launches.

The wallet address you registered with your Battle In The Beyond account was used for the airdrops and is the same across all three networks. You will be able to locate your prizes accordingly, for example by:-

https://market.immutable.com/ (IMX StarkNet)

https://tokentrove.com/collection/LizardLabsInfiniteArtifacts?tab=assets (IMX zkEVM)

https://etherscan.io/ (ETH mainnet)

Lore NFTs collection (contract) address: 0x4cd9d7819c01c85f0130aef429ab32d0465672a2

You can use IMX's block explorer to view things as follows:-

View my Lore NFT prizes (replace 0x000... with your BITB wallet address):-


View entire Lore NFT collection:-




If you see 'There was an error when attempting to transfer the NFT(s)':-

You need to have some IMX in your wallet, in order to be able to list. Use the ‘Bridge’ feature on TokenTrove to get some IMX tokens on zkEVM – takes about 10-15 mins for the process to complete.



IMX zkEVM is IMX's new EVM-compatible L2 network, capable of running smart contracts. It is a separate network from the original IMX StarkNet.


Your wallet address on IMX zkEVM will be the same as that of your L1 ETH wallet and also your IMX StarkNet (e.g. for your D1SKs). Therefore the private key for your IMX zkEVM wallet is the same and you will be able to sign transactions with that account as normal in e.g. MetaMask.

If you need to add IMX zkEVM manually to your MetaMask, here is the network information and instructions:-



Who are Ethlizards?

Ethlizards are the OG NFT collections in the Lizard Labs ecosystem. Lizard Labs is an organisation at the forefront of Web3 gaming. We produce interconnected gaming experiences (IGEs), with top-tier game studios. Please see our website for more information:-


Other links:-








Ethlizards have released two NFT collections so far - Genesis and Venture Lizards - but you do not have to be a holder in order to play Battle In The Beyond.

What are Ethlizards Lore NFTs?

Our Lore NFTs are linked directly to the main story arc in the LizDex (the lore book on the BITB site). We recommend reading through this book (created by our amazing team of writers and artists), which starts at Chapter 8.

You'll find that you are an Elemental Lizard who is searching for some key artifacts in the Beyond held by Illuvitars. These artifacts will be the Lore NFTs that you'll be able to activate in future events as part of moving our lore forward.

What is cLIZ?

The cLIZ token is a placeholder token that will be swappable 1:1 for $LIZ (Lizcoin), the native token of Lizard Labs ecosystem. It's a token similar to Illuvium's ILV, in that it's a governance token. It also has staking rewards and revenue sharing from our games and experiences like Battle In The Beyond for everyone who is actively participating in our ecosystem. You can check out more details on our Tokenomics page in the whitepaper.


Timing-wise, we'll be launching the actual Lizcoin once we finish our seed round capital raise to scale what we've done in BITB to other products.

What is Battle In The Beyond?

Battle In The Beyond (also known as BITB) is a player-vs-player D1SK-opening battling game built around Illuvium: Beyond. It is an Interconnected Gaming Experience, crafted to offer Illuvium Rangers a seamless blend of Illuvium's lore with Ethlizards cross-IP adventures.

Here is a introduction to the various Battle in the Beyond features:-


Account / Wallet

Q: Why do I need to use the same wallet for Battle In The Beyond as I do for Illuvium?

A: Battle In The Beyond and the Illuvidex are separate systems. When you open D1SKs on BITB, the Illuvitars and accessories that you receive will be held in the wallet you register with BITB. When you later want to use these assets in Illuvium, such as for bonding, your Illuvium account will need to be registered with the same wallet.

Q: Am I able to change my wallet to a different one after I have registered it on BITB?

A: Currently (Oct 2023) this is not possible, however we plan to support this in later updates.

Q: What about other settings I would like to change, such as my lizard name?

A: Again, this is something that will be supported in later updates.

Q: I am having issues with my wallet in terms of connecting it to my account, confirming it, or some other kind of issue.

A: Please review all the below points that refer to wallet issues.

Q: Why am I being told my wallet is not connected?

A: Ensure that you are signed in to your wallet, e.g. MetaMask. You must also ensure you are connected to the Ethereum Mainnet via your wallet’s options.

Q: Why am I still being told my wallet is not connected?

A: Ensure that your wallet, e.g. MetaMask, is connected to battleinthebeyond.io. This can be checked by looking for 'connected sites'.

Q: I am trying to 'confirm wallet', but it just sits there spinning forever.

A: Ensure that your wallet, e.g. MetaMask, is connected to battleinthebeyond.io. This can be checked by looking for 'connected sites'.

Q: Why am I being told 'No Wallet Detected'?

A: This can happen due to incompatibilities between wallets. For example, with Phantom wallet installed. The workaround is to disable this wallet plugin, e.g. in Chrome by selecting 'Manage Extension' or going to chrome://extensions/.

Please note that this issue affects other websites, not just BITB.

Q: I am being told that a D1SK doesn’t belong to me when I try to open it.

A: This can happen due to an issue with ImmutableX (IMX) when your wallet is connected to more than one website at the same time. This is especially likely to happen if your wallet is connected to either Illuvium or the IMX Marketplace. Please use your wallet options to disconnect from these and any other sites, then try again.

Playing Battle In The Beyond / BATTLE mode

Q: What do I need in order to play BITB?

A: Apart from setting up your account and wallet, the only other thing you require is Illuvium D1SK(s). These can be purchased by following the 'BUY D1SKS' link on the main BITB homepage, or during battle setup (you will be prompted if you don't have enough D1SKs for the given battle type).

Note that purchasing on BITB is identical to purchasing on the Illuvium website, including identical prices.

Q: If I open my D1SKs on BITB, will I lose my rewards from Illuvium, such as on the Illuvium leaderboard?

A: No. When you open your D1SKs on BITB, not only do you receive rewards from our Free leaderboard and Standard / Mega leaderboards (if you have the associated LizPass), you also still get all the normal rewards you would get on Illuvium if you had opened your D1SKs there. As such, you can only get an increased number of rewards by opening D1SKs on BITB!

Q: I played a 3 D1SK battle, but lost the first two rounds. Why was I forced to open my third D1SK and complete the final round of the battle, even though I could no longer win the overall battle?

A: At the start of battle, you select the D1SKs you wish to play and then you sign a batch IMX transaction to open them all. At this step, all D1SKs are burnt and the contents minted. Therefore, it’s not possible to ‘quit out’ mid-way through the battle and you must complete all rounds.

Q: Now I have opened my D1SKs, how can I see the Illuvitars and accessories that it contained?

A: Please visit the Illuvium site and log in to your Illuvium account (note that both your BITB and Illuvium accounts must use the same wallet). Alternatively, you can view the contents of your D1SKs on the IMX Marketplace at https://market.immutable.com/.

Q: I have Wave One D1SKs, but I am unable to battle with them.

A: Currently (Oct 2023) we only support the current Illuvium wave, which is Wave Two. In future, we will add support to battle with D1SKs from other waves.

Q: I have Alpha D1SKs which I do / do not wish to use for battling. How can I ensure this?

A: When selecting your D1SKs for a battle, use the ‘Show Alpha D1SKs’ checkbox to show / hide your Alpha D1SKs for selection.

Q: I started a battle and signed the transaction to open my D1SK(s). My opponent didn’t sign their transaction and so the battle did not take place. What happens now?

A: Since you signed the transaction to open your D1SKs, they will have been burnt and the contents minted. These will now be in your wallet and viewable on Illuvium or the IMX Marketplace.

Q: I hear a ‘countdown timer’ ticking during the battle. What does this mean?

A: In order that battles do not take too long and to cope with players abandoning or disconnecting from a battle, you must turn your cards within a time limit, or you will be timed out.

Q: During the battle my opponent disconnected and / or they timed out. What happens now?

A: The battle will automatically be completed and you will see the content of your D1SKs on the results screen as normal.

Q: I accidentally closed my web browser during a battle. What happens?

A: If you reopen your browser, you will be prompted to rejoin your battle, as long as the battle has not yet completed.

Opened D1SKs

Q: Where can I see the contents of my D1SKs, once a battle is completed?

A: You can view the results of past battles on the battle lobby screen. Find your battle and click ‘Results’. You can also see the contents of your D1SKs on the Illuvium website, or the IMX Marketplace.

Q: How do I bond my Illuvitars, now I have opened my D1SKs?

A: You must use the Illuvium website to bond your Illuvitars, as this is not supported on BITB. Please connect the same wallet used on BITB to your Illuvium account and bond there as normal.

Q: I have lost my D1SK, or my D1SK has no contents / the contents were not minted - I can’t see them on Illuvium or the IMX Marketplace.

A: Contact Illuvium support via the links provided below in the ‘Support’ section.

LizPass and Leaderboards

Q: What is the Free LizPass?

A: This LizPass is gifted to all players when they sign up for a Battle In The Beyond account. It gives you the right to place on the Free Leaderboard, to win associated prizes.

Q: How does the scoring work on the Free Leaderboard?

A: This leaderboard is based on the number of actual D1SKs opened. Opening a Standard D1SK gives 1 point. Opening a Mega D1SK (or Promo D1SK) gives 6 points. So, for example, opening two standard D1SKs and one Mega D1SK gives 1+1+6 = 8 points.

Q: What are the Standard and Mega LizPass?

A: These passes can be purchased and give you the right to place on the Standard or Mega leaderboards. If you have the associated LizPass, any D1SK that you open which has a high enough D1SK power will place you in the leaderboard ranking. At the end of the Season, players receive prizes based on their rankings!

Q: How does the scoring work for the Standard and Mega leaderboards?

A: The contents of a D1SK are combined to calculate an overall ‘D1SK power’, by adding together the power of the two Illuvitars in the D1SK and then multiplying by the percentage boost of each of the three accessories. Therefore, this is the total maximum D1SK power, rather than the power of any specific Illuvitar.

Q: I bought the Mega LizPass, but I am not placing on the Standard leaderboard.

A: Each pass only gives access to the respective leaderboard. If you want to play on both leaderboards, you need to buy both passes (or the discounted combo pass).

Q: I scored the same number of points on a leaderboard as another player. Which of us gets ranked higher?

A: The player who achieved the score first takes the higher position.

Q: Why can’t I see myself on the leaderboard?

A: It can take a minute or so for leaderboards to update after your battle finishes. Please wait a little and refresh the page.

Q: I opened a really powerful D1SK and then bought my LizPass. I don’t see myself on the leaderboard.

A: Only D1SKs opened after purchasing the LizPass for the Standard / Mega leaderboards count towards those leaderboards. Please ensure your LizPass(es) are purchased and shown as activated before battling. We recommend waiting around a minute after purchasing before starting your first battle.

Q: I purchased my LizPass and it said ‘activated’. However, when I close the modal, it says ‘pending’ again on the main screen.

A: After purchasing a LizPass, it can take a little time to become active (up to 1 minute or so). Please wait a little and wait for ‘activated’ to appear on this screen. Do not start any battles until this happens, to ensure your battles count towards the respective leaderboards.

Q: What can I win by placing on the Free, Standard or Mega Leaderboards?

A: We have a generous prize pool for the various leaderboards. Details can be seen here:-


Note that there is always a prize if you purchase a LizPass - every participant is guaranteed at least one NFT as reward!

Q: I have enough ETH in my wallet, but I am unable to buy a LizPass as it says I have insufficient funds.

A: BITB uses a Layer 2 blockchain solution for managing assets (ImmutableX). It’s necessary to have your ETH on L2 (IMX), not on L1 (normal Ethereum network), in order to purchase any BITB items. Click on your username at the top right and select ‘Add Funds’ in order to move ETH from L1 to L2. Please note that it normally takes around 15 minutes for funds to arrive. Your balance will refresh automatically when this has happened.

Q: When trying to buy a LizPass my balance is not correct, or I am being told I don’t have enough funds.

A: This can happen due to an issue with ImmutableX (IMX) when your wallet is connected to more than one website at the same time. This is especially likely to happen if your wallet is connected to either Illuvium or the IMX Marketplace. Please use your wallet options to disconnect from these and any other sites, then try again.

Leaderboard Prizes

Q: What can I win by placing on the Free, Standard or Mega Leaderboards?

A: We have a generous prize pool for the various leaderboards. Details can be seen here:-


Q: When will prizes be distributed?

A: The prizes will be distributed at the end of Season 0 (see below).


Q: What is a Season in BITB?

A: Seasons correspond to Illuivum: Beyond Waves and run at the same time, so that players are able to battle with D1SKs from that Wave. Each season lasts a little longer (approx. 2 weeks) than the corresponding Wave, in order to give players enough time to battle with their D1SKS that they purchase at the last minute.

Q: How does the Seaon numbering correspond to Illuvium Beyond Wave numbering?

A: The first Season of BITB is known as Season 0 and corresponds to Wave 2. The second Season of BITB is knowns as Season 1 and corresponds to Wave 3. This pattern will continue (2/4, 3/5 etc).

SOLO mode

Q: What is SOLO mode?

A: This mode allows you to open D1SKs by yourself, in batches of up to 25 D1SKs at a time. This is great for users who want to open very large amounts of D1SKs in a fast manner and with no need for an opponent.

Q: If I open D1SKs in SOLO mode, will I still place on the leaderboards?

A: Yes. Your D1SKs still count towards the leaderboards, assuming you have purchased the appropriate LizPass (just like BATTLE mode).

Upcoming Features

Q: What is coming in future versions of BITB?

A: We have many new features in development and on the roadmap. These include:-

  • New battle modes, such as tactical, team brawl and tournaments

  • Player vs. player ETH entry stakes

  • ... and some top secret features!


Q: The colours in BITB seem all wrong.

A: Turn off dark mode in your browser.


Q: I can’t find the answer to my question here. What should I do?

A: Both Ethlizards and Illuvium have support channels. These are:-






Q: How do I know whether to raise my support question on Ethlizards or Illuvium support channels?

A: If the problem involves D1SK contents, missing D1SKs or anything to do with your NFTs, please contact Illuvium. If the problem involves your BITB account, battles, leaderboards, or other BITB features, please contact Ethlizards.

BITB on Mobile Phones

Q: I want to battle on my mobile phone, but I can’t work out how.

A: Battle In The Beyond does not currently support mobile browsers.

BITB on Safari

Q: I use Safari browser, but things are not displaying correctly.

A: Safari browser has certain rendering limitations that make it incompatible with BITB. Please use an alternative browser.

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