NFTs, Battle in the Beyond and more

How does this impact the Ethlizards Genesis V1 and V2 collections?

We want the Ethlizards V1/2/3 collections to be the most coveted NFTs in Web3 gaming and investing circles. We consider these collections to be the Ethlizards blue chips and they are positioned that way in the ecosystem as we scale out.

The V1/2/3 holders will be the ones with access to the deepest parts of the Underground Lizard Lounge. You already have an invitation to the exclusive club that everyone else will want to be a part of. You’re here early. The rewards and benefits for holders will only continue to roll, especially for holders which stack rewards, like in the case of those who stake both Ethlizards V1/2/3 + LizCoin to get a bonus yield. We plan to continue to roll out these type of ecosystem perks that will benefit you directly as a holder.

What makes Champion Lizards (V3) special?

Champion Lizards will be insanely hard to get, very rare and dangled as a lucrative carrot in front of the entire Web3 community as literally the only way to win a ticket into the most exclusive parts of the Ethlizards. This has incredibly high marketing and industry attention value.

What will happen with the Maybe Something Egg NFTs?

Maybe something? It definitely is. The NFTs that replaced the redeployed legacy NFT artwork with Egg “Maybe Something” will -----------, have no dilution and won’t impact other collections. These NFTs will be used for a special -----------.

What are Elemental Lizards?

Elemental Lizards are the warriors of the Ethlizards family and the gateway for the community/gaming sub-DAO and partner game ecosystems. As a collaborative project, we aim to expand our community of gamers. To achieve this, we introduce the Elemental Lizards.

  • They exclusively unlock comprehensive gameplay and access across various products and allow holders to earn prizes in holder-only competitions.

  • The utility of individual Elemental Lizards will differ, so there are various incentives to acquire and hold multiple types.

  • Additional lore and details regarding Elemental Lizards will be revealed later.

Do Elemental Lizards dilute the Ethlizards Genesis V1 or V2 collections?

No. Elemental Lizards do not participate in revenue sharing with either the Portfolio Sub-DAO or LizCoin.

Can we increase the number of Elemental Lizards to have an additional mint?

We assumed the community push would have been for less rather than more but it’s been the opposite. Many asked for this collection to be scaled up to 20k NFTs to maximize marketing value and ecosystem growth. Sure we are happy to oblige. We’ve been planning a way to gamify the mint experience and the larger collection helps to improve the marketing narrative and mint campaign. It is highly likely that we will not launch all 20K NFTs at the same time though so be prepared to see a series of activities.

Why is Lizards’ Legacy is classified?

The intention behind the project is to get more than one million gamers engaged with both our partners and Ethlizards as a community and brand. This requires a strong focus on projects with the top available gameplay, a shared ethos and a willingness to engage with us to co-develop.

Lizards Legacy is a meta-game competition carefully cultivated with some of our highest quality partner projects. Our community and theirs will be engaged to participate in competitions of skill, intellect, creativity and collaboration. The nature of the meta-game necessitates a high degree of confidentiality. Due to the need for operational security, the specific details cannot be released at this time. Over the course of a series of several months, additional NFTs, gameplay, lore, and details around prize pools will be released in pieces so stay tuned. Good things come to those who wait. This is especially true of Lizards’ Legacy.

Why is Battle in the Beyond (BitB) the first product on the roadmap?

Battle in the Beyond (BitB) that will feature revenue earning immediately upon launch.

From a product standpoint, there is major market fit. It’s ok if less skilled games aren’t your cup of tea. They’re not always ours either. You’ll only catch us playing roulette or craps with a group of friends. But that’s exactly the point. With a group of friends, in a game that is fun, we are happy to drop a few dollars to play in a tournament or event. BitB makes a single-player experience into a low cost of entry platform that supports co-operative play. This additionally makes it a highly interesting project for content creators to use for giveaways or competitions which gets us substantial visibility as well.

Battle in the Beyond has a great narrative with Illuvium as an exclusive partner and we are excited for the opportunity to co-develop this with them. We know that not everyone here is an Illuvium maxi but you’d be hard-pressed to find another Web3 game more likely to see a million gamers within the next year. Our strategy is to be where the gamers are headed before they get there.

How many game modes are scoped out for BitB?

We have 8 traditional and strategic game modes already designed with specific use cases and target audiences. These includes head-to-head, single elimination tournaments, round robin tournaments and team brawls. The skill part is probably a 3 on a 1-10 scale (1 being pure RNG and 10 being like a grand strategy genre). It should be simple and accessible for everyone and allow enough choices that you’re engaged while playing.

What sort of revenue projections for BitB?

We have projections of revenue and volume but we still need to negotiate a final agreement with Illuvium on the royalties side so nothing is finalized yet, but what we can say is that the revenue share agreement between Ethlizards and Illuvium would aim to benefit both organizations.

At 50% usage of BITB among Illuvitar players, with 100K Illuvium players in Q4 of this year, we are estimating cash flow positive approximately 6 months after launch from the dev costs. We’re estimating 10% using BITB will be Leviathan League members, 50% will join the Standard League, 25% will do H2H battles, and 10% will take place in tournaments. All of these figures are estimates but they’re projections from evaluating similar projects situated in Web2. With a properly positioned and developed product, it creates a steady revenue stream as long as our partner Illuvium is successfully onboarding players.

How will Ethlizards and Illuvium co-develop BitB?

On the technical front, two huge points.

1) It’s not that difficult to build out technically for us.

2) It’s impossible to for competitors to deliver the quality that we can with Illuvium's support of us as the official partner for this service.

  • The product specs are fully developed.

  • We have already had preliminary technical meetings to discuss feasibility and integration points with Illuvium.

  • Illuvium will work with us on technical integrations into their platform and ecosystem.

  • We’ve initiated legal discussions regarding specifics of regulatory guidelines we would need to align with.

  • Ethlizards will onboard several qualified devs to build this and other products.

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