Project Overview

This section breaks down the 3 Core Pillars of the Lizard DAO.


Our project is centered on the development of three fundamental pillars:

Portfolio - Providing financial backing to promising early-stage projects in the space.

Community - Fostering gamification and social engagement throughout the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Partnerships - Cultivating mutually beneficial relationships and value-adding collaborations with our partners.

We are Quality-Signaling. We collaborate with and support only the finest Web3 products demonstrating a commitment to developing sustainable solutions.

Our immediate objective is to expand our deal flow by elevating brand awareness, prioritizing quality, and managing our treasury carefully. This approach ensures long-term returns for DAO members and sustained growth for the treasury.

To accomplish this, Ethlizards will provide the following:

  • Consistent treasury allocation in early-stage seed and pre-seed rounds for Web3 gaming projects

  • Distribution of proceeds to stakers from portfolio activities as liquidation events transpire

  • Individual portfolio development opportunities through curated Aelin pools

  • Enhancements to our robust staking solution

We are Value-Infusing. Our approach enriches our partners through marketing, user acquisition, portfolio support, and seamless integration. We focus on infusing value rather than merely extracting it.

Our immediate goal is to cultivate our existing partnerships with industry frontrunners, discover new potential collaborators, and establish an interconnected network. By leveraging our extensive community of partners, we aim to become the go-to hub for all products and services in Web3 gaming.

To pinpoint suitable partners, validate proof-of-concept viability, and amplify our brand recognition, we will offer the following services:

  • Implementation of the LizCoin ($LIZ) token

  • Developing a comprehensive ecosystem filled with high-quality Web3 gaming products and solutions

  • Incorporating partner IP in Battle in the Beyond, Lizard's Legacy, Reptile Rush, and Lizard Legends

  • Introducing the "Community Builders" program for fan submissions of user-generated content for our and partner projects

  • Expanding our partnerships into esports, tournaments, and additional gamification elements

  • Integrating LizCoin ($LIZ) into our partners' ecosystems

We are Collaborative. We treasure the connections we foster among gamers, builders, and investors, all dedicated to nurturing the growth and evolution of Web3 gaming. Our commitment extends beyond our internal community to encompass external partnerships and stakeholders.

Ethlizards community members are encouraged to be their authentic selves. Our atmosphere is relaxed, and our members know how to balance hard work and enjoy themselves. Our meme creation and social engagement prowess is on par with the in-depth analysis and valuable insights shared within our server and social media platforms. Our current objective is to generate widespread interest in the project and expand our community for future positioning.

“Gamers don’t want interoperable assets. They want interconnected experiences. They want full immersion…Our IP and Community in their worlds. Their IP and Community in ours.” - Animositas

To foster the growth of our immediate and extended community, we will deliver the following products and solutions:

  • Construction of mini-games and companion products for key partners such as “Battle in the Beyond” for Illuvium

  • Deployment of a secret meta-game project titled, "Lizard's Legacy: Race Across the Metaverse"

  • Development of the mobile and web-enabled Lizard Lounge App

  • Development of the mobile, cross-IP “Reptile Rush” Tower Defense Game

  • Generation of new NFTs with utility for community members

  • Creation of the Lizard Shop - a marketplace for Ethlizards’ assets

  • Production and sales of Merchandise

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